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Studio Niche Productions is a Creative Integrated Design Studio based in Vancouver, Canada - it’s difficult to pin down exactly what Studio Niche does. Our practice specializes in film, moving images, digitals, branding, products and packaging, tangible experiences, art direction, and everything in between. Founded by Aly Bérubé in 2019, freelancing a carefully picked team of passionate experts and talents from around the world.


Our work is interdisciplinary, tailor-made and always aesthetically driven. By breaking with traditional structures.

Niche has a multidisciplinary and diverse approach that comes to play in different fields — direction, cinematography, set design, interior design, graphic design, still life, and art direction consultancy.


A peculiar note in Studio Niches Art Direction work is the attention paid to details and the spotlight on the surrealistic element in the visual arts. Compositions are infused with an emotional facet, to transform objects into subjects, and subjects into stories. 


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