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Studio Niche Productions was founded in 2016. Created by Aly Bérubé, a then independent filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from Vancouver Film School, Canada’s top film school, specializing in Directing, Cinematography, & Producing. During her film school stint, she collaborated with Telus Storyhive and Crazy8’s Film Society which she had a relationship with until 2018. Nearing the end of her schooling in 2016, she started a Sole Proprietorship company at the age of 19, called Studio Niche Productions. She produced and directed a few films under that company and then moved into the MOW world as an Art Director at 20. Having gotten that title under her belt, she then transitioned into designing commercials and music videos. In 2017, she started to produce those Commercials & Music videos under Studio Niche alongside other companies as well as working various roles. She designed some shorts on the side as well and Production Designed her first feature film at 21 alongside Margot Ready (Magicians, Art Director of BFG with Steven Speilberg and many more). Aly is also one of the youngest Creative Bc Green Ambassadors, a member of Free The Work, and has credit for helping create a Film Production curriculum for Black Gold Regional District in 2018. She is currently a part of the IATSE 891 Film Union as a Coordinator working with companies such as Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Hulu, Warner Brothers, to name a few. Going forward, she aspires to Direct feature films that she has been writing for two years. From short films to music videos and commercials, Aly strives to tell stories that are both unique and honest, both in content and form. Future projects include a narrative coming of age feature film based on her upbringing in a small Canadian town, as well as a feature comedy further expanding on the topic of coming of age but aimed towards older audiences.

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